Zzyzx Stickers

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2.5 x 3.72 inches - laminated

Doc Springer built his health and mineral bath resort on the edge of Soda Lake in the middle of the Mojave Desert. He named it Zzyzx, so that it would be the last word in the English language and of course, the final word in health. He would help those who wanted to help themselves and invited all to come for dinner and tour the facilities. He claimed staying at the resort could help to cure everything from hair loss to cancer and never charged anyone although he would encourage and accept donations. Doc Springer & the Zzyzx Mineral Springs ... His hospitality and kindness were known throughout the region helping business and the local population. However, his claims were declared fake and fraudulent. The American Medical Association labeled Dr. Springer, "King of the Quacks." It was inevitable that the government would take ownership of the resort and send him to prison. It wasn't long after his release that he passed away.

These stickers come from a photograph taken by desert photographer, Walter Feller, of the original welcoming sign to the health resort.

The original approximately 5ft. x 8ft. sign was last seen in storage in 2018 and has since been reported stolen.

Buy these attractive stickers and help put the word out. Maybe this time we can give the legend of Zzyzx a happy ending!

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